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A microblog application powered by Flask and Neo4j.

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Virtual Environments

Before beginning, you’ll want to set up a Python virtual environment so you don’t affect any of your other Python projects. For example, you might use py2neo 1.6.4 for one project and py2neo 2.0.0 for another. Virtual environments ensure your application is using the desired version of the installed packages.

The documentation on virtual environments is a good read if you are unfamiliar with this workflow. To set up a virtual environment for this project, we’ll first install virtualenv with pip:

pip install virtualenv

Then, we’ll create a virtual environment named neo4j-blog and activate it:

virtualenv neo4j-blog
source neo4j-blog/bin/activate

Once activated, you’ll notice your shell prompt has changed to reflect which virtual environment you’re currently in.

With pip freeze, we can see that we’ve started with a clean slate (when it comes to our Python packages):

pip freeze

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