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A microblog application powered by Flask and Neo4j.

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Like a Post

On both the home page (the / view) and a user’s profile page (the /profile/<username> view), a series of posts is displayed accompanied with a link beside each post to ‘like’ the post. Clicking this link sends a GET request to the /like_post/<post_id> view, which is defined as:

def like_post(post_id):
    username = session.get('username')

    if not username:
        flash('You must be logged in to like a post.')
        return redirect(url_for('login'))


    flash('Liked post.')
    return redirect(request.referrer)

If a user who isn’t logged in tries to like a post, they’ll be redirected to the login page. Otherwise, a User object is initialized with the logged-in user’s username, and the User.like_post() method is called, which is defined within the User class in

class User:


    def like_post(self, post_id):
        user = self.find()
        post = graph.find_one("Post", "id", post_id)
        graph.create_unique(Relationship(user, "LIKED", post))

Both user and post are py2neo.Node objects. We’ll pass a py2neo.Relationship object to the Graph.create_unique() method to create the (:User)-[:LIKED]->(:Post) relationship in the database if it doesn’t exist yet. This will prevent someone from liking a post more than once.

The link that sends the request is defined in the display_posts.html template, which you already saw in the previous section:

<ul class="posts">
{% for row in posts %}
    <b>{{ }}</b>
    {% if request.path == "/" %}
    by <a href="{{ url_for('profile', username=row.username) }}">{{ row.username }}</a>
    {% endif %}
    on {{ }}
    <a href="{{ url_for('like_post', }}">like</a><br>
    <i>{{ ", ".join(row.tags) }}</i><br>
    {{ }}
{% else %}
<li>There aren't any posts yet!
{% endfor %}

When a user clicks the link, the GET request is sent to /like_post/<post_id>, and <post_id> is replaced with the id of the post.

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