Born in Omaha, NE; grew up in Kansas City, MO; studied economics in Baton Rouge, LA; studied statistics in Austin, TX; currently working for Infer in Mountain View, CA.

19 July 2016
Codenames: Playing Spymaster with R.

05 October 2015
Improving My CLI's Autocomplete with Markov Chains.

18 June 2015
Visualize Your Graph with RNeo4j and visNetwork.

23 May 2015
Understanding Waiting Times Between Events with the Poisson and Exponential Distributions.

07 February 2015
Blogging About R Code with R Markdown, Knitr, and Jekyll.

17 December 2014
What's New in RNeo4j?

30 September 2014
Upload Your Data to Neo4j with RNeo4j and the Transactional Endpoint.

24 July 2014
Cluster and Visualize a Subset of Your Neo4j Database Using RNeo4j, igraph, and Alchemy.js.

19 July 2014
A Cluster Analysis of London NoSQL Meetup Groups.

30 June 2014
Create a Shiny App Powered by a Neo4j Database.

10 June 2014
Find the Steady State Distribution of a Markov Process in R.

30 May 2014
Demo of RNeo4j Part 2 - Plotting and Analysis.

30 May 2014
Demo of RNeo4j Part 1 - Building a Database.

06 May 2014
Scale Only the Continuous Variables in an R Data Frame.